About Us

RAF Air UK was started way back in early 2013 by Richard Rodgers & Clyde Whiting. After using flight simulators for many years, DCS was a natural progression as it gave far more realistic experiencies. After using DCS for only one month, it was decided to use it as the flight simulator of choice within RAF Air UK.

We have a wide variety of aircraft within RAF Air UK, ranging from the mighty F-18 through to the beautiful Spitfie in the fixed wing hangers, and for the rotary guys out there, we have the Huey and Gazelle ready and waiting.

Once you have joined us, you will work your way through the ranks. Everyone who joins us starts with the rank of Student Pilot, no matter how many hours they may have from elsewhere. After an initial check ride your level of expertise may well fast track your through the system. Who knows, you may well end up as OC of one of our front line squadrons. Promotion within RAF Air UK is done similar to how it is in the real world.

After each flight pilots are required to submit a Pilot Report (PIREP) so that your hours can be logged within our systems. This is a very simple process that only takes a few seconds. These PIREPs are to record both online & offline flight hours. For online flights we have our own dedicated 24/7 flight server.

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