RAF Air UK Operation Portcullis Campaign

posted by Matthew Purnell on 2023-08-27

RAF Air UK will be starting the Operation Portcullis campaign September 5th!

Please liase with your squadron leaders to ensure a place on the campaign

SITUATION AS OF 08:21Z 27/08/23

Iran has invaded the North Eastern sector of the peninsula in an effort to close the Straits of Hormuz to all shipping in response to US and European sanctions. The Government of Iran is saying that they do not want war but are forced to strangle the World's oil supply in order to bring the US and Europe back to the negotiating table with a more "open attitude".

Under a "False Flag" operation, Iranian Forces from all branches of the Military were able to use large Bulk Cargo ships to enter ports on the UAE coast overnighyt and land a considerable force. This Force of Occupation is equipped with a variety of air defences, including SA-2, SA-6 and ZSU systems, armour, artillery and troops. They have occupied and mounted defences at Khasab, Al Kaimah and Fujairah, giving them control and access over the Straits from both sides of the water. Threats to shipping come from shore based Silkworm missile systems, Naval vessels, fast attack boats and Iranian Air Force assets.

The UN is debating a resolution to halt further incursion into the peninsula, bring about EN negotiations and relieve the pressure on affected populations.
Whilst awaiting more detailed resolutions, the UN has issued an Emergency Resolution (7911) to allow a US, European Coalition to mobilize forces into the Southern Peninsula in order to prevent further incursion and stabilize the region.