Cavan Millward
England England
Based at: XI(F) Squadron
Commissioned on: 2019-10-24

Just gotten back into flight sims after a long break doing other things. Previous sim experience in Lock on Modern Air Combat, MS flight simulator, Xplane. More recent flight experience not really sim based is 5 years playing Elite Dangerous and ARMA 3. Now looking to get back into serious flight sim hence DCS, but with more casual requirements due to RL commitments.


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Latest Flights

Flight Type Date From To Flight Time Aircraft
NAVEX 2020-10-22 UG5X UG5X 01:00:00 F14
AAR 2020-10-15 ROOS ROOS 01:30:00 F14
AAR 2020-10-06 OMAA OMAA 01:00:00 F14
CAP 2020-10-06 WASH WASH 01:00:00 F14
WEAPONS PRACTICE 2020-09-29 OMDB OMDB 03:00:00 F14
CAP 2020-09-08 ROOS ROOS 02:00:00 F14
CAP 2020-09-01 WASH UGKO 01:40:00 F14
CAP 2020-08-25 WASH WASH 02:00:00 F14
CAP/CAS 2020-08-06 ROOS EJCT 02:00:00 F14
CAP 2020-08-05 WASH EJCT 01:30:00 F14
WEAPONS PRACTICE 2020-07-23 UGKO UGKO 02:00:00 F14
NAVEX 2020-07-16 UGKO UG5X 02:00:00 F14
ATC 2020-07-09 WASH UG5X 02:00:00 F14
CAP 2020-07-07 ROOS EJCT 01:30:00 F14
WEAPONS PRACTICE 2020-06-25 ROOS ROOS 02:00:00 F14
CAP 2020-06-23 UG27 UG27 02:00:00 F14
WEAPONS PRACTICE 2020-06-16 UGKO UG5X 01:00:00 F14
AAR 2020-06-16 UGKO UGKO 00:30:00 F14
CAP 2020-06-16 WASH UGKO 01:30:00 F14
CAP/CAS 2020-06-09 ROOS EJCT 01:30:00 F14