Jase Cooper
England England
Based at: 16(R) Squadron OCU (Operational Conversion Unit)
Commissioned on: 2019-10-14

Having stepped away from the flight sims for a number of years (mainly Microsoft Flight Sim), i have returned and started to fly DCS with the F18. I have spent time learning the basics of A2G and A2A to the best i can as a lone pilot and self teaching from YouTube. I now look forward to joining a F18 Sqn with like minded people and learning a lot more. After all its better to fly with a wing man than on your own.

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Flight Type Date From To Flight Time Aircraft
CAP 2019-11-02 UGKO UGKO 01:10:00 FA18
OCU - CV 2019-10-31 UGKO UGKO 01:00:00 FA18
CAP 2019-10-30 UGKO UGKO 01:30:00 FA18