Richard Rodgers
England England
Based at: 97 Squadron
Commissioned on: 2013-01-08

Wrong side of 55, but loving life. Wife, two kids & a cat but absolutely no money!!! Have been printing photographs for a living since 1985, so have seen many changes on the technology front. Now at the point of been doing it so long, can't see packing it in until the Wife says 'enough is enough', or I die. Have been flight simming since 2003, but nothing touches the quality of DCS. Main hobby is golf. Started in 1972 so am rather proficient at it now. If anyone wishes to lose some money, give me a shout.


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Latest Flights

Flight Type Date From To Flight Time Aircraft
CAS 2020-09-15 OMAM OMDM 01:50:00 A-10C
CAS 2020-09-08 UGKO UGKO 02:20:00 A-10C
CAS 2020-06-30 UG5X UG5X 01:50:00 A-10C
CAS 2020-05-13 OMRK OMRK 02:10:00 A-10C
CAS 2020-04-21 UGKO UGKO 01:30:00 A-10C
CAS 2020-04-14 UGKO UGKO 02:25:00 A-10C
OCU - WEAPONS A/G 2020-03-17 UG27 UG27 01:20:00 A-10C
CAS 2020-01-07 UGKO UGKO 01:35:00 A-10C
CAS 2019-11-05 UG27 UG27 02:20:00 A-10C
CAS 2019-10-23 UGKO UGKO 01:25:00 A-10C
NAVEX 2019-09-22 UGSB XRMF 01:43:00 A-10C
PIREP HOURS EDIT 2019-07-19 BASE BASE 00:32:00 N/A
TRX 2019-07-19 N/A N/A 05:00:00 N/A
TRX 2019-07-19 N/A N/A 800:00:00 N/A