Daniel Kihlberg
Sweden Sweden
Based at: XI(F) Squadron
Commissioned on:

A guy from Sweden who used to fly IL2 FB/IL2 1946 in a Squadron years ago and now want to fly DCS the same way albeit with more afterburner.

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Latest Flights

Flight Type Date From To Duration Aircraft Server Used
AAR 2021-02-27 ROOS ROOS 03:35:00 F14 OFFLINE
CAP 2021-02-27 ROOS UGKO 00:45:00 F14 RAF AIR CAUCASUS
AAR 2021-02-26 WASH WASH 00:50:00 F14 RAF AIR CAUCASUS
MISN - CAP 2021-02-24 ROOS ROOS 02:06:00 F14 RAF AIR CAUCASUS
CASE-3 2021-02-23 ROOS ROOS 00:38:00 F14 OFFLINE
CASE-3 2021-02-23 ROOS ROOS 00:36:00 F14 OFFLINE
CAP 2021-02-21 ROOS ROOS 01:15:00 F14 RAF AIR GULF
CAP 2021-02-21 OMDM OMDM 00:50:00 F14 RAF AIR GULF
CASE-3 2021-02-21 ROOS ROOS 00:30:00 F14 OFFLINE
CAP 2021-02-21 OMDM OMDM 01:27:00 F14 RAF AIR GULF
CAP 2021-02-21 ROOS EJCT 00:30:00 F14 RAF AIR SYRIA
GENERAL FLIGHT 2021-02-20 UG5X UG5X 00:30:00 F14 MEMBER