Jonathan Fullerton
Northern Ireland Northern Ireland
Based at XI(F) Squadron
Commissioned on 2020-11-26

Real world Student Pilot (C152) with use of Track IR/VR, aircraft with the most seat time would be the F-14. willing to learn and help others wherever i can.

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Latest Flights

Flight Type Date From To Duration Aircraft Map Used
CAP 2021-07-06 ROOS LLRD 02:00:00 F14 RAF AIR SYRIA
CASE-3 2021-05-20 WASH WASH 03:30:00 F14 RAF AIR CAUCASUS
AAR 2021-05-15 STEN STEN 01:00:00 F14 RAF AIR CAUCASUS
CAP 2021-04-18 ROOS LLRD 01:00:00 F14 RAF AIR SYRIA
AAR 2021-01-08 WASH WASH 02:00:00 F14 00
AAR 2021-01-07 WASH UGKO 02:00:00 A-10C 00
CAP/CAS 2021-01-05 ROOS ROOS 04:00:00 F14 00
CAP 2021-01-02 LLRD LLRD 02:00:00 F14 00
AAR 2020-12-30 UG5X UG5X 05:00:00 F14 00
FTS INITIAL CHECK 2020-12-27 UG5X UGKO 03:00:00 F14 00