Peter Sumner
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Based at: 1(F) Squadron
Commissioned on: 2020-03-03

Extensive Civy flying with FSX, P3Dv4. Got into DCS many moons ago now and have had many a mad session in the Multi Player rooms. Now want to progress on to something more constructive. Have been with a couple of DCS Squadrons but would like some thing more UK based, and UK time zone. Have most of the Aircraft in DCS but the AV8B is my go to Aircraft of choice. Absolutely love it.

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Latest Flights

Flight Type Date From To Flight Time Aircraft
CAP/CAS 2020-10-19 UG5X FARP 01:30:00 AV8B
CAS 2020-10-17 UG5X FARP 03:00:00 AV8B
GENERAL FLIGHT 2020-10-15 UGSB TAWA 03:00:00 AV8B
CAS 2020-10-10 TAWA TAWA 04:00:00 AV8B
WEAPONS PRACTICE 2020-10-10 UG5X UG5X 02:39:00 AV8B
WEAPONS PRACTICE 2020-10-10 UG5X UG5X 02:00:00 AV8B
CAS 2020-10-06 TAWA TAWA 03:00:00 AV8B
WEAPONS PRACTICE 2020-10-05 TAWA UG5X 02:20:00 AV8B
NAVEX 2020-10-03 TAWA TAWA 06:19:00 AV8B
AAR 2020-10-02 TAWA TAWA 03:30:00 AV8B
WEAPONS PRACTICE 2020-09-30 UG5X UG5X 05:00:00 AV8B
WEAPONS PRACTICE 2020-09-30 UG5X UG5X 02:14:00 AV8B
WEAPONS PRACTICE 2020-09-29 UG5X UG5X 03:41:00 AV8B
AAR 2020-09-21 OMDM OMDM 01:30:00 AV8B
AAR 2020-09-18 UG5X UG5X 02:00:00 AV8B
CAS 2020-09-18 TAWA TAWA 06:46:00 AV8B
CAS 2020-09-15 TAWA TAWA 03:30:00 AV8B
AAR 2020-09-14 TAWA OMAM 01:21:00 AV8B
WEAPONS PRACTICE 2020-09-14 UG5X UG5X 03:30:00 AV8B
AAR 2020-09-12 UGSB UGSB 03:00:00 AV8B