Luis Verissimo
Portugal Portugal
Based at: 97 Squadron
Commissioned on: 2020-01-21

Hi. I fly almost exclusive the A-10C for arround 1year. Huey is my 2nd aircraft but still too clumsy. Haven't train much departure and landing protocols. Also formation, refueling, and combine actions with other pilots I have a lot to learn. I can fly almost every day a few hours. I like to build missions in ME but avoid to use MOOSE, but I guess I have to change and learn it. I have a lot of modules, but as I say before, I fly almost exclusively the A 10 because I know if I disperse too much will not be good at anything. Cheers


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Flight Type Date From To Flight Time Aircraft
WEAPONS PRACTICE 2020-02-22 OMDM OMDM 02:00:00 A-10C
WEAPONS PRACTICE 2020-02-20 OMDM EJCT 03:00:00 A-10C
CIRCUITS 2020-02-20 OMDM EJCT 02:00:00 A-10C
WEAPONS PRACTICE 2020-02-17 UGSB UGKO 01:30:00 A-10C
JTAC 2020-02-15 UGKO UGKO 02:00:00 A-10C
OCU - CV 2020-02-13 UG27 UG27 02:00:00 A-10C
GENERAL FLIGHT 2020-02-13 BASE BASE 05:30:00 A-10C
NAVEX 2020-02-05 UGSB UGKO 02:30:00 A-10C
CAS 2020-02-04 UG27 UGTB 02:30:00 A-10C
NAVEX 2020-02-01 UGSB UGSB 02:00:00 A-10C
WEAPONS PRACTICE 2020-01-30 UGSB UGSB 01:00:00 A-10C
NAVEX 2020-01-31 UG5X BASE 02:00:00 A-10C
OCU - WEAPONS A/G 2020-01-26 OMDM OMAM 01:30:00 A-10C
OCU - NF 2020-01-24 OMDM OMDM 01:30:00 A-10C
GENERAL FLIGHT 2020-01-23 OMDM OMDM 02:00:00 A-10C