Peter Davies
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Based at: No.1 or No.3 FTS (Flight Training School)
Commissioned on: 2020-01-17

I have just came from a disbanded F-14 squadron. So I am looking for a new one that fly UK times.

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Latest Flights

Flight Type Date From To Flight Time Aircraft
CAP 2020-06-18 WASH EJCT 00:17:00 A-10C
CAP 2020-06-17 WASH EJCT 00:20:00 F14
CAP 2020-05-15 STEN STEN 00:33:00 F14
CAP 2020-05-12 STEN EJCT 00:15:00 F14
CAP 2020-04-04 STEN EJCT 00:25:00 F14
CAP 2020-04-03 OMDM EJCT 00:20:00 F14
CAP 2020-03-27 UG5X UG5X 00:30:00 F14
AAR 2020-02-23 UGTB UGTB 00:35:00 F14
CAP 2020-02-22 UGTB UGTB 00:25:00 F14
CAS 2020-02-22 UGTB UGTB 00:30:00 F14
CAP 2020-02-21 UGTB UGTB 00:35:00 F14
CAP 2020-02-09 STEN STEN 00:50:00 F14
CAP 2020-02-11 URMO URMO 01:00:00 F14
CIRCUITS 2020-02-07 STEN STEN 00:50:00 F14
GENERAL FLIGHT 2020-02-07 STEN STEN 00:45:00 F14
CIRCUITS 2020-02-07 STEN STEN 00:30:00 F14
FTS INITIAL CHECK 2020-02-06 STEN STEN 01:15:00 F14