Mike Ozanne
Wales Wales
Based at: 1(F) Squadron
Commissioned on: 2020-01-07

Hi there. My name is Mike (oz555), I'm 46 from North Wales. Rock climbing, kayaking and mountain bike instructor/tree surgeon/chainsaw guy/decorator/fitness nut.....Bit of a jack of all trades as you often need to be in this part of the world. I 've been using DCS for seven years now, have flown mostly A10c and would say I'm reasonably proficient in it (I suspect I'll be eating those words). There are many more advanced features that I have yet to learn but have not yet needed to, such as TOT/TTG drills, in depth CDU operation, advanced weapon DCMS programming etc which I would be happy to study should I need to. I've not joined a Squadron before, however I feel that I need to take the plunge. I have recently installed SRS and have really enjoyed using it in multiplayer servers. Unfortunately the public experience seems to me to lack direction and structured teamwork, so I thought I might give this a go. I have a reasonably good rig... Asus Z370-F, I5 9600k@4700GHz, MSI RTX 2080, SSD. HP Reverb, 32GB RAM. TH Warthog, Saitek Pro Rudder Pedals, 2x Buttkickers, Simshaker software, Viacom Pro. DCS modules owned- A10c/UH1H/AV8B/Hornet/Spitfire/Mustang/Viggen. I fly exclusively in VR. I'm a little nervous at the thought of flying with experienced pilots, particularly with the communication side of things. Might take me a while to loosen up. Will pluck up the courage to jump on over the next few days no doubt (once I've worked out how to do that). Look forward to seeing you. Cheers Mike Top


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Flight Type Date From To Flight Time Aircraft
CAP 2020-09-10 TAWA TAWA 01:00:00 AV8B
CAS 2020-09-08 UGSS UGSS 01:30:00 AV8B
GENERAL FLIGHT 2020-05-10 BASE BASE 04:00:00 A-10C
GENERAL FLIGHT 2020-05-04 UGSS UGSB 03:40:00 AV8B
CAS 2020-04-15 TAWA TAWA 01:30:00 AV8B
NAVEX 2020-04-09 OMDM TAWA 01:30:00 AV8B
CAS 2020-05-07 TAWA TAWA 02:00:00 AV8B
CAS 2020-02-05 UG27 UG27 01:10:00 A-10C
OCU - WEAPONS A/G 2020-02-25 UG27 UG27 01:50:00 A-10C
OCU - CV 2020-02-13 UG27 UG27 02:00:00 A-10C
GENERAL FLIGHT 2020-02-06 UG27 UG27 01:10:00 A-10C
NAVEX 2020-02-05 UGKO UGKO 02:30:00 A-10C
GENERAL FLIGHT 2020-02-04 UG27 UG27 02:00:00 A-10C
NAVEX 2020-02-01 UG5X UG5X 02:00:00 A-10C
WEAPONS PRACTICE 2020-01-31 UG5X UG5X 02:00:00 A-10C
CAS 2020-01-21 UG27 UG27 02:00:00 A-10C
OCU - WEAPONS A/G 2020-01-14 UG27 BASE 01:00:00 A-10C