Diversion Fuel Planning

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Diversion Fuel Planning

Post by Flyco » 05 Apr 2018, 18:11

Attached is a chart that I produced to go on my knee-pad.

It is primarily intended to ensure that you have the fuel to get home safely, and is based on a light weight A-10C, without any exterbnal load, other than ECM, TGP and 2 AIM-9s.

The first 3 give fuel to climb, to cruise and for a descent.

The most useful is the Range with Fuel Remaining chart. To use this, start with what fuel you need at the destination airfield, and add a safe minimum - you will see that I suggest 800 lbs, which allows for a couple of approaches and a final landing. The A-10Cs fuel gauges are very accurate and the 500 lb a side light is asls spot on. If you subtract this minium fuel from your current total you will get the fuel you need to climb, cruise and descend. So if that is 800lbs, enter the chart and you will see that at 5000 ft you can cover 74 nm. However if you climb to 20,000 ft that is incresaed to 84 nm. The best height range to climb to is shown in heavy type.

I hope you find it helpful. I use it all the time to work out when I must cut and run.
A-10 Diversion Sheet.pdf
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