Tossing Dumb Bombs

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Tossing Dumb Bombs

Post by Flyco » 14 Jul 2019, 15:18

I have been looking at a profile for tossing dumb bombs (Mk 82s) from low level approach. The aim is to stay out of AAA and AFV Cannon fire, i.e. at least 2 nm range. I am not sure whether there is any recommended profile for this, but these are my results.

Approach at 400 - 500 ft agl, at 420 kias, in Auto mode, with the target selected. At around 10-15 nm range, set full military power. At 5-6 nm, pull smoothly into a climb of around 30-35 degrees, and steer the VVM down the bomb fall line. With about 5 secs to release, hold down the Pickle as normal. The bomb(s) will come off at around 3 nm range and 6000ft - immediately roll away, aiming to get the nose 20-30 degrees below the horizon and at least 90 degrees off the run-in line. (If there are SAMs at the target area, push out chaff and maintain 90 degrees to the incoming SAM direction). Recover to a safe height and heading.

Using this technique, I have found that the CEP is around 50 ft. Not startling, but dropping multiple bombs, in pairs, with a 20 ft interval is a good way of hitting a compact group at a pre-known location. One thing that I have noticed is that the bombs consistently go long by an average of around 50 -100 ft, with a steeper toss angle giving a slightly shorter overshoot. If possible it might be worth using an aiming point 60-70 ft short of the required MPI.

I would be grateful if anyone has any thoughts on this, or alternative profiles.
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Re: Tossing Dumb Bombs

Post by Oscar Victor 11 » 19 Oct 2019, 20:33


Ive spent a fair number of hours over the last couple of days trying to to sort an OCU range mission for both auto and loft attacks using MK 82's, M83's, blue practice bombs and CBU's, with very variable results. The Lofted Mk83's are supposed to be the most accurate but even they overshoot consistently, even with repeated practice. Not sure what the problem is, as you might expect the 620kts, 6 mile cue, and 30 - 35 degrees loft becomes a lot easier after 20 or so approaches, but I still only get 'ball park' close some of the time!. I've also found that the bomb fall line can be unpredictable in that it 'breaks' right or left of target without warning on some approaches, resulting in a failed release. I'm hoping practice does indeed make perfect.


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Re: Tossing Dumb Bombs

Post by Richard Rodgers » 24 Oct 2019, 21:47


Are you taking wind into account on this. Remember that wind will have more adverse effect on the BDU-33 than any larger bombs.

To discount any wind influence make one run in 'x' direction, note impact point then make a run at 180 degs and note impact. If wind is the issue you will likely have one long and one short.
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