Trouble finding the server

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Trouble finding the server

Post by Joe Whiskey » 02 Dec 2018, 16:10


New guy question...

How do I find the RAFAIR Server in the multiplayer list? Have searched RAFAIR, rafair, RAF air Main Server etc to no avail. I cant seem to find the server IP address (accept an old temporary IP) here on the forum so I have been unable to try the Connect by IP option.

Any help would be gratefully received.

Edit: thanks to the valiant efforts of RAFAIR 247 Nick my issue is now resolved. Incorrect version number was the demon here. Many thanks Nick.
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Re: Trouble finding the server

Post by dragon13 » 02 Dec 2018, 17:12

Hi Joe, our server IP is:

Hope this helps.
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Re: Trouble finding the server

Post by Neil Willis » 03 Dec 2018, 07:45

Best advice to anyone having difficulty finding the server is to make sure you always have the latest version of DCS World Open Beta running. Due to the current situation where we are getting very regular and substantial additions to DCS World, we have adopted the policy of updating the server on day 1 of update releases. We accept that occasionally there will be bugs associated with the releases, but experience has shown we rarely get one that causes real issues, and updating early gives everyone a chance to fly together when trying the latest bomb/missile/system.

We do not enforce integrity checks, so you shouldn't ever need to uninstall a mod to join the server, however, there is no guarantee that a mod will not cause you issues, so the second step - temporarily uninstall mods (we recommend using JSGME or similar to manage mods.

If you are still having issues, run a repair and then I would recommend temporarily renaming your saved games folder. This will, of course, disable a lot of essential features of DCS World but is a useful diagnostic tool in order to trace any culprits.
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