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Re: DropBox and Skins

Post by Will » 12 Nov 2019, 12:28

I currently have 12 skins stored on my system in the DCS files: Desert, Camo and Grey versions of mine, Ade's, Bob's and a generic 41(F) Sqn. Currently we have about 6 "regular" students on the OCU so my skins total is likely to increase to 27 (6 Students, 2 Staff, 1 Generic, all x3). I am unlikely to get close enough to see anyone else's skins other than those noted above and therefore will not download any other RAFAIR skins. Therefore, as skins are likely to be an in-Squadron issue would it be wise and possible to store the files on the Sqn, maybe in the Sqn section of the Forum, or simply on the individual owners own machine?

I worry that I am way outside my banter zone here and that this might just be a form of amusement, if so, enjoy!
Wing Commander William Pixton - RAFAir UK
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