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RAF Air UK was born out of many years using flight simulation software. Having used MS Flight Simulator in most of it's guises, the progression to DCS was a major step forward both graphically and playability wise.

Our vision is to become an effective leading virtual military aviation organisation that embraces all levels of experience and scenarios.

Our mission is to create an open and friendly cohesive community that welcomes new pilots and veterans alike within an inclusive ground & air environment which achieves excellence.

Our Goals are:

  1. To provide and maintain a high quality, self-financing multiplayer virtual military aviation environment that encompasses all levels of experience
  2. To provide and maintain a web presence supporting all aspects of RAF Air UK
  3. To provide learning and development for virtual pilots at all levels
  4. To provide a flexible military unit and rank hierarchy similar to the RAF
  5. To encourage camaraderie, esprit de corps and mutual support

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posted by Richard Rodgers on 2020-02-13

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posted by Matthew Purnell on 2019-10-23

Aircraft Liveries
posted by Richard Rodgers on 2019-10-23

Website Upgrade
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Latest 10 flight reports

Flight Type Departure ICAO Arrival ICAO Flight Duration Pilot Aircraft Flight Date
AAR BASE BASE 00:20:00   RAF0055 F16 2020-02-24
AAR OMDM OMDM 00:40:00   RAF0043 A-10C 2020-02-24
NAVEX UGKO UGKO 02:00:00   RAF0346 FA18 2020-02-23
GENERAL FLIGHT BASE BASE 00:30:00   RAF0055 FA18 2020-02-24
GENERAL FLIGHT BASE BASE 01:00:00   RAF0055 F16 2020-02-23
CAS OMLW OMDB 01:10:00   RAF0043 A-10C 2020-02-24
AAR STEN STEN 01:00:00   RAF0369 F14 2020-02-24
GENERAL FLIGHT OMDM OMDM 03:00:00   RAF0413 A-10C 2020-02-23
WEAPONS PRACTICE OMAM OMDM 02:45:00   RAF0415 A-10C 2020-02-23
WEAPONS PRACTICE UGKO UGKO 01:11:00   RAF0416 F16 2020-02-23

Latest Members

Pilot Name Nationality Squadron Home Base Commissioned Date
  Chris Simmons Northern Ireland Northern Ireland FTS (Flight Training School) 2020-02-23
  Andy Pandion Singapore Singapore FTS (Flight Training School) 2020-02-23
  Trevor Forshaw England England FTS (Flight Training School) 2020-02-22
  Joe White England England FTS (Flight Training School) 2020-02-15
  philip kirwan England England FTS (Flight Training School) 2020-02-14
  Andrew “Danny” Daniel England England FTS (Flight Training School) 2020-02-14
  Filippos Kofteris Greece Greece 97 Squadron 2020-02-12

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