825 Naval Air Squadron

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892 Naval Air Squadron

892 Naval Air Squadron was a carrier-based fighter squadron of the British Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm. It was formed in 1943, flying Grumman Martlets, and was the only operational Fleet Air Arm squadron to fly the McDonnell Douglas Phantom FG.1. 892 disbanded in August 1943 when it merged into 819 Naval Air Squadron.

892 Naval Air Squadron was reformed on 31 March 1969 operating the veritable Phantom FG. Against a backdrop of defense cuts 892 Squadron suspected that it would become the last fixed-wing squadron and poignantly adopted a large Ω symbol on a white diamond placed on a red fin flash as its squadron symbol, of course this was unfounded as Sea Harriers began equipping the Fleet Air Arm in April 1980.

With HMS Ark Royal due to pay off in December 1978 it was confirmed that there was to be no future for 892 Squadron. On 27 November 1978 XT870/012 became the last aircraft to be catapulted from a British aircraft carrier. 892 NAS was disbanded on 15 December 1978. In recent times 819 NAS operated Whirlwinds. Wessex's and Sea Kings in support of coastal SAR and RFA craft. In 2016 it was decommissioned.

  • On 1st January 2021 892 NAS stands up within RAF Air UK equipped with F18C Hornet. Aircraft will operate almost exclusively from DCS Super carriers with weekly training on Wednesday nights from 1930UK and participate in RAF Air group missions whenever possible.
  • We will seek and encourage common training environments with other squadrons. (carriers, land based and rotaries too)
  • New pilots of any experience are welcomed as well as pilots from other Squadrons who wish to fly the F18C as a secondary airframe.
  • The aim of the squadron is to promote esprit de corps and assistance to one another in learning the roles and technical aspects of this exceptional DCS aircraft simulator... all in an enjoyable and friendly hobby environment.