60 Squadron

60 Sqn Crest

60 squadron RAF was formed in 1916 and saw service in France then in the middle and far east until tasked highly classified surveillance cold war roles until 1992 . At this point it was issued with Westland Wessex helicopters but disbanded in 1997 with the name plate held by No1 Flying Training School. In 2020 1 FTS absorbed the Defence Helicopter Flying School and now delivers helicopter training with Airbus Juno 135 / 145 aircraft.

RAF AIR UK have raised a virtual 60 Squadron as their operational arm of their virtual No 1 FTS (helicopter training element) Currently there are 2 flights equipped with the venerable UH1H ‘Huey’ with 2 reserve flights for the Mi-17 and Helicopter scout role.

60 Squadron role-play in 3 distinct eras

  • Vietnam (Caucasus map). Aircraft and tactics are based wherever possible on those used in the conflict. Airframes are badged as 170 Assault Helicopter Company (US), 'The Flying Dragons' based at 'Bikini Beach' Pleiku Camp Holloway with 3 active troops, Red Troop, Blue Troop and Buccaneer Gunships.
  • Cold War Europe (Caucasus map)
  • Iraq / Afghanistan / Gulf conflicts (PG Map) with marine LHT carrier operations along side 1 Squadron AV8BNA Harriers.