1(F) Squadron

1 Sqn Crest

1(F) Squadron

Number 1 Squadron, also known as No. 1 (Fighter) Squadron, is a squadron of the Royal Air Force. It was the first squadron to fly a VTOL aircraft.

The squadron motto, In omnibus princeps ("First in all things") reflects the squadron's status as the RAF's oldest unit, having been involved in almost every major British military operation from the First World War to the present time. These include the Second World War, Suez Crisis, Falklands War, Gulf War, Kosovo War, Operation Telic (Iraq) and Operation Herrick (Afghanistan). 1 Squadron operated the Harrier from 1969 until its retirement from service in 2010.

RAF Air UK formed 1(F) Squadron in October 2019 since then it has led operations utilising the RAZBAM DCS AV8B NA for missions ranging from close air support, interdiction to offensive counter air, reconnaissance and COIN operations in all theaters of operations within DCS World.

1(F) Squadron have often found themselves embarked aboard HMS Invincible for operations around the globe but are also not strangers to operating from the LHA-1 Tawara of the US Navy.

1(F) Squadron is always happy to welcome Harrier pilots of all skill sets and abilities to join its ever growing ranks.

Training Program

1(F) Squadron have a training syllabus aimed to get new pilots trained from the basics of flying the harrier all the way to becoming combat efficient, taking on roles as FAC(A), mission commanders, element leads, flight leads the list goes on!

1 Sqn Crest


1(F) Squadron operates from any environment, spending alot of time based upon HMS Invincible. Syria and Persian Gulf and DCS default are used but not a requirement, if not held then some missions will simply not be available.

Mission Nights

Mission nights are normally Tuesday and Thursdays, we have a monthly RAF Air UK group mission when we fly will all the other Squadrons of RAF Air.

Mission Timings start at 19:30(UK) from a briefing utilizing RAF Air UK's 4 24/7 servers available to all.

1 Sqn Crest

1(F) Squadron Introduction Video

Welcome to 1(F) Squadron, we look forward to flying with you soon!

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