No.1 Flying Training School

FTS Crest

Welcome to 1 FTS, a virtual squadron component of RAF AIR UK that;

  • coaches RAF AIR UK pilots to fly DCS rotary air frames both technically and tactically to known standards
  • encourages and facilitates rotary roles, small and large, within all RAFAIR Squadron missions as desired
  • Provide continuation skills training via performance review missions for those qualified
  • Regularly host missions available to all regardless of qualifications.
  • 1 FTS have no permanent staff or pilots. Trainers and Pilots attend a course and then return to their Squadrons. Those successful may be attached on a secondary basis from their parent Squadron to operational Flights under 60 Squadron RAF plate.

    If you want to fly with us, we'll offer friendship, a laid back style, help, assistance and a formal training programme if desired. All initial training runs as a formal course.

    Take a look at the 1 FTS section of our Forum - 1 FTS Forum